Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Parental consent for abortion laws protect weak and vulnerable teens from sexual exploitation.

Minors are more vulnerable and susceptible to negative influences and outside pressures. There is evidence which suggests that young girls experience confusion in their sexual encounters and that a large portion of minors experience their first sexual intercourse under coercive conditions.1 In one study 74% of those who experienced their first sexual experience before the age of 14 reported a forced sexual experience.2

Simply put, the character of a minor is not as well formed as that of an adult. Because of the sexual culture surrounding them, they are more vulnerable to exploitation and coercion in their sexual interactions.3

Young girls need protection from caring parents or guardians. Without the involvement of parents it is obviously easier for child predators to use abortion to cover up criminal behaviour. A parental consent for abortion act would protect vulnerable minors by alerting parents to potential abuse.

In addition, teenage girls who obtain abortions in secret often do so at the behest of boyfriends who place undue pressure on their fragile girlfriends. Because this is occurring with no knowledge of loving parents, these girls will undoubtedly return to these situations.

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