Let's keep the momentum going!

It has been a busy and productive summer for the parental consent campaign! It is amazing to see the signatures on petitions piling up as one-on-one conversations make people aware of the need for a parental consent law. This summer, interns in bright green shirts talked to hundreds of Saskatchewan residents at their homes, on the streets, in parks, at public markets and fairs – wherever people could be found. In these conversations, 70% of the Saskatchewan residents we spoke with agreed that a parental consent law would benefit our province!  There is a growing awareness that such a law respects parental authority and the value of family, and also protects teenage girls from dealing with unplanned pregnancy alone.

While the majority of those spoken to agreed with the need for parental consent in this major medical decision for a minor, most knew nothing about it until we approached them. With only a handful of volunteers, then, only a fraction of potential supporters could be reached in the short time we had.  There remains a general unawareness of this issue, and as we head into fall it is a good time for us all to renew efforts to bring up this subject with friends, coworkers, and our local representatives.

Encourage those around you, including your MLA, to keep this on their hearts and minds, and continue the momentum we have built with the grassroots over the summer! Together we can bring in legislation that means no girl goes into an abortion without the knowledge of her parents and guardians. Through this, we hope to minimize those girls’ feeling that they are alone, unsupported, or desperate, with no other options. You can easily email your MLA from here, or copy and paste one of the letters into your own email before personalizing. Thank you for your continued work to make parental consent a standard part of abortion requests from minors in Saskatchewan!

This public awareness campaign is a joint effort between Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association and For more information please contact us here.

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