Would Parental Consent Expand the Evil of Abortion?

As the parental consent for abortion campaign gains momentum there are questions that arise from time to time. Recently we received the following question:

“How can we enact the legislation that would enable parents to stop their daughters from having an abortion, without risking that parents would force their prolife daughters to have an abortion against their will?”

The question is a good one and it is important that we ensure any legislation we advocate for would not expand the evil of abortion. We are confident that if Saskatchewan passed a parental consent for abortion law it would be more difficult for parents to force their children to have an abortion. 

The reason we believe this is because currently, without any laws regulating abortion - especially regarding minors - parents are already able to force their daughters into having an abortion. The draft parental consent law we are working with has an entire section dedicated to prohibiting coercion. Allow me to quote it in full:

"A parent, guardian or any other person shall not coerce a pregnant woman to have an abortion performed. If a pregnant woman is denied financial support by the pregnant woman's parents or legal guardian due to the pregnant woman's refusal to have an abortion performed, the pregnant woman shall be deem emancipated for the purposes of eligibility for the public-assistance benefits, except that such benefits may not be used to obtain an abortion."

A parental consent law, as we are proposing, would actually make it more difficult for parents to force their daughter to have an abortion. To be clear, the status quo already allows parents to force their daughters to have an abortion. A parental consent law does not increase the legality of this, but rather decreases it by adding coercion protection. 

Further to this, we are also excited about the possibility of parental consent legislation because it will save the lives of pre-born children. When we observe what has occurred in other jurisdictions that have passed this law we see that the number of abortions among minors has decreased substantially. For example, in Texas the rates dropped by up to 20% in the years following the enactment of a parental consent law in that state. 

We learn from the Scriptures that the role of politics is to restrict evil. The reality is that a parental consent law will not eradicate abortion among minors in Saskatchewan. That said, if such a bill were proposed in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, it would offer regulations on abortion and clearly take us in a direction towards limiting evil, and away from its expansion. As we often say, progressive improvement is better than deferred protection.

This public awareness campaign is a joint effort between Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association and For more information please contact us here.

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