Is parental consent common sense?

A seventeen year old in Saskatchewan who wants to get married will need to have her parents sign a consent form in the presence of a Saskatchewan marriage licence issuer, clergy or any person authorized to take affidavits.

According to the Government of Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice website, if either party of the prospective marriage is under sixteen years of age, no licence will be issued and no marriage will be solemnized. This can only be overridden by a Provincial Court judge after an application to a courthouse in Saskatchewan.

This policy is unlikely to be challenged as it is understood that minors possess a lack of maturity and an underdeveloped sense of responsibility which can result in hasty and ill-considered actions and decisions. Most people will readily acknowledge that the character of a minor is not as well formed as that of an adult due to their personality traits being more transitory and less fixed.

While it seems pretty common sense to require parental consent for a minor to get married, the same cannot be said for a minor to get an abortion.

The same seventeen year old who can’t get married without her parent(s) consent could find herself in an unplanned pregnancy and be coerced into having an abortion with no knowledge of her parents.

This is tragic and needs to be addressed with a parental consent for abortion law.

This public awareness campaign is a joint effort between Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association and For more information please contact us here.

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