Do teen abortions even occur in Saskatchewan?

Do teen abortions even occur in Saskatchewan? Are they really having these procedures without the knowledge of their parents?

There is some difficulty in ascertaining when teenage girls are pressured by boyfriends and/or predators to keep an abortion secret as they are usually too scared to inform anyone.

That said, keeping it hidden from parents is promoted by Sexual Health Facilities here in Saskatchewan. Planned Parenthood Regina prominently displays a number of common questions on their website which relate to this very issue.

Included is this question:

“Do I have to tell my parents? Do I need their consent?”

The answer,

“No. In Saskatchewan, parental consent is not required as long as it is clear that you understand what you’re doing.”

The very next question on the list, and linked to the one above is also telling, and might even be referred to as troubling. The question, “Who will know about my abortion?” With the answer being, “Strict confidentiality is maintained. However, tell staff at the hospital if you do not want information about your abortion sent to your family physician.”

This as troubling. Not only is it completely legal for young teenage girls to abort their pre-born child without their parents knowledge, they are also informed as to how to ensure it is always kept secret, even from the family doctor. This could even lead to being dangerous for the teenage girl, as the family doctor needs access to all medical procedures in order to make informed future medical decisions.

Abortion has lasting effects. The manner in which this procedure is handled in Saskatchewan, particularly pertaining to minors sits in stark contrast to how minors are treated when it comes to other matters dealing with the body.

This public awareness campaign is a joint effort between Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association and For more information please contact us here.

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