Why such inconsistencies?

The 2013 season was a great one for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The pinnacle, no doubt, for players and fans, was winning the Grey Cup on home turf against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

As is usually the case with these high profile events, fans love to express themselves in various ways. One such manner is by way of online forums. For example, has an active forum where fans can debate and contribute to the excitement that any such football related event brings.

A quick review of the site reveals that residents of Saskatchewan take football pretty seriously!

In one conversation participants were discussing what type of tattoos they were getting in support of their team. Here is what one contributor said:

I just got a tattoo on the week end. I was able to walk into Sunrise Tattoos, book an appointment for that afternoon and within an hour I was done. The tattoo looks awesome and the area is healing very nicely. This was my first tattoo and I was very impressed!

My only concern was that they refused to do my son because he's under 18 (he's only 15). They won't even tattoo him with my written consent.

I then tried a place in Weyburn, the place doesn't seem as clean, and by the looks of it only has one artist...however, they will take minors under the consent of the parents.

While some Roughrider fans may find parental consent a nuisance, it is certainly acceptable that on account of the clients age certain precautions are considered and adhered to.  

But, when it comes to abortion, teenagers can go right around their parents.

The medical, emotional, and psychological consequences of abortion are often serious and can be lasting, particularly when the patient is young. We believe parents usually possess information essential to a physician’s exercise of his or her best medical judgement concerning their teenager. As well, when parents are aware that their daughter has had an abortion, they are in a better position to assist with any subsequent comfort and care.

Young residents of Saskatchewan should not have to make tough decisions regarding pregnancy and parenting alone. This province needs parental consent for abortion legislation.

This public awareness campaign is a joint effort between Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association and For more information please contact us here.

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